Ask the Cellar Dweller: What’s the Best Wine for Thanksgiving?

CD the Cellar Dweller shares his recommendations for a great wine for Thanksgiving Dinner.

wine for thanksgiving

Dear Cellar Dweller,

Thanksgiving is coming up in a couple of weeks, and I am hosting for the first time! I am really excited because my parents will be here, as well as my sister and her husband and kids. What are your suggestions for a great wine for Thanksgiving dinner? I’d like to impress without spending a fortune, say maybe under $30? Thanks!


Cranberry Sauced


Dear Sauced,

You’re in luck! There are literally hundreds of great wines– impressive wines, even– that you can get for $30 or less. And double down on your luck: picking a wine for Thanksgiving Dinner isn’t nearly as restrictive as you might think.

Many folks like Pinot Grigio with their Thanksgiving dinner, and for good reason. Pinot Grigio is light but acidic, with a seriously varied flavor palate, so it’s good with almost anything that isn’t tomato-based.

Beaujolais Nouveau  is another popular choice. A celebration of the harvest, Beajolais Nouveau is released every year a few weeks before Thanksgiving. It’s a “green” wine, meaning it’s not been aged very long, and so the quality and taste changes from year to year. Honestly, I think it usually tastes like feet. But if feet is your thing, you might want to give this a go.

My personal suggestion if you really want to impress?

Go with a wine that’s a little unexpected. Everyone knows the old adage that white wine goes with poultry or fish. So, try a red! Just remember to stay clear of anything that’s going to really overpower your meal. A good place to start would be with a Pinot Noir.

Pinot Noir tends to be earthy and a little spicy, but a bit less robust than many other reds. Pinot Noirs pair really nicely with traditional Thanksgiving flavors like turkey, squash, and stuffing. My favorite: Meomi Pinot Noir. It hits all the talking points and comes in several dollars below your budget. The bottle looks classy, too. We’re actually going to have a bottle open to try on Wednesday November 21st— the day before Thanksgiving– if you like to live dangerously and wait until the last minute to shop!

And so hey, while we are on the subject, did you know that you can browse a good chunk of the inventory at Personal Wine Cellar right on our website? You can even filter items by price, region, and varietal. There’s a shop for spirits, too. Pretty cool.

I hope you floor them with your culinary skills and wine selection this Thanksgiving, Sauced. Good Luck!

Yours Truly,

CD the Cellar Dweller

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