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how many glasses of wine

The Cellar Dweller helps a reader plan for a holiday party by determining how many glasses of wine to have on hand. Dear Cellar Dweller, I’m in charge of drinks at our company’s holiday party this year. There will be 15

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wine for thanksgiving

CD the Cellar Dweller shares his recommendations for a great wine for Thanksgiving Dinner. Dear Cellar Dweller, Thanksgiving is coming up in a couple of weeks, and I am hosting for the first time! I am really excited because my

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difference between vodka and gin

The Cellar Dweller explains the difference between vodka and gin. Dear Cellar Dweller- A friend and I recently had an argument about gin. Friend says that gin is just a flavored vodka. I say they are different spirits because gin is

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difference between red and white wine

The Cellar Dweller explains the difference between red and white wine. Dear Cellar Dweller, What’s Up? Maybe this is a dumb question but I have always wanted to know: what is the difference between red and white wine? And why

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Dear Cellar Dweller, Whenever I attend a wine tasting, I feel intimidated by the “experts”. I don’t know ANYTHING about wine besides that I like what I like. Can you teach me how to taste wine like a pro? Thanks, Beginners

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Why you should choose Personal Wine Cellar when searching for a Liquor Delivery Schenectady NY. PW Xpress is here at last! We will deliver for free to your door any of your favorite products with in 2 hours. If you

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The Cellar Dweller clues a reader in on how to drink for free Dear Cellar Dweller- I feel like I should enjoy trying new things, but I’m poor and it’s so expensive. How am I supposed to figure out what

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Dear Cellar Dweller, So I’m just now hearing that you guys do home delivery. WHAT NOW?!?! I hate crowds and traffic so this sounds like a dream come true. Please tell me more about how I can have my alcohol

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The Cellar Dweller shares his secret recipe for the best sangria! Dear CD, It’s been hot out, and I’m dying for a pitcher of cold, refreshing Sangria. Which is the best sangria? Is making your own really that much better?

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CD Explains Why Drinking Can Leave You with a Red Face Dear Cellar Dweller, Sometimes when I drink, I notice I get really red in the cheeks. My ears get red too, and I feel hot. It’s kind of embarrassing. So,

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