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apothic wine

Personal Wine Cellar offers 15% off your purchase of Apothic Wines, now through Sunday July 7th, 2019 while supplies last.

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difference between vodka and gin

The Cellar Dweller explains the difference between vodka and gin. Dear Cellar Dweller- A friend and I recently had an argument about gin. Friend says that gin is just a flavored vodka. I say they are different spirits because gin is

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difference between red and white wine

The Cellar Dweller explains the difference between red and white wine. Dear Cellar Dweller, What’s Up? Maybe this is a dumb question but I have always wanted to know: what is the difference between red and white wine? And why

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Dear Cellar Dweller, Whenever I attend a wine tasting, I feel intimidated by the “experts”. I don’t know ANYTHING about wine besides that I like what I like. Can you teach me how to taste wine like a pro? Thanks, Beginners

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The Cellar Dweller clues a reader in on how to drink for free Dear Cellar Dweller- I feel like I should enjoy trying new things, but I’m poor and it’s so expensive. How am I supposed to figure out what

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