Free Liquor Delivery in Glenville NY

 Glenville’s Got it Made…

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again! With PW Express, you can get free liquor delivery in Glenville NY. Wondering how? It’s easy! PW Express will deliver your wine and liquor purchase right to your door. We operate Monday through Friday, from 9:00am to 5:00pm, and Saturday 1:00pm to 5:00pm. Just give us a call and have one of our friendly employees help you place your order. We’ll bring your items to you and waive the delivery fee for purchases over $75.

For more details, check out the PW Express page or give us a call.

Why Have Your Purchase Delivered?

Why not? There are a hundred or more reasons why PW Express works for you!

Bad weather? Stay warm and safe inside the comfort of your own home!

Had a glass or two already and worried about a designated driver? We got your covered!

Too much to do around the house to hit up your favorite liquor store? Get your chores done while you wait for us!

Busy day and you just want to relax? Put your feet up, we’ll be there soon!

Any reason is a good reason to use PW Express!

liquor delivery in glenville ny

PW Express

We deliver to Glenville, Scotia, Schenectady, and into the surrounding areas. For orders of $25 to $75, there is a $5 fee. If your order is over $75, delivery is free! You’ll need to provide government issued photo ID when you sign for your order.  Check out PW Express for more details. Have additional questions or want to place an order? Call us! 518-399-WINE (9463).

About Personal Wine Cellar

Find all your favorite wine and liquor at Personal Wine Cellar in Glenville, NY. We’re known for our huge selection and vast industry knowledge. When you visit us, you can count on a great overall experience and leave with the libation that best suits your palette!

Personal Wine Cellar’s mission is not to stock our shop with our favorites, but to fill it with yours! We offer more than 5,000 wine and liquor products to satisfy all tastes, all at competitive prices. Whether you are looking for that wine to pair with lunch or dinner or a nice gift for that special someone, let our knowledgeable staff help guide you to that ideal bottle of wine or liquor!

Personal Wine Cellar…”not the biggest…just the BEST!”


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