Ask the Cellar Dweller: How Can I Drink for Free?

The Cellar Dweller clues a reader in on how to drink for free

drink for free

Dear Cellar Dweller-

I feel like I should enjoy trying new things, but I’m poor and it’s so expensive. How am I supposed to figure out what I like? Do you give out free samples? Is it possible to drink for free these days?


Frustrated Wannabe


Dear Frustrated-

So you want something for nothing, eh? Well believe it or not, I am in a position to help you, my friend! Personal Wine Cellar LITERALLY does free tastings ALL. THE. TIME. Seriously. Don’t believe me? Check out our calendar. And that isn’t even all of them, because we add more all the time, too.

A good rule of thumb is that there is probably a tasting every Friday. For instance, THIS Friday, we’re featuring several spirits from Saint Lawrence Distillery in Northern New York. They are our featured products of the month, and eligible for 10% off your purchase throughout the month of August. So when you stop by Friday, try them for free, and decide you like them…you can buy them for LESS! That should also please your wallet!

Hope to see you there, Frustrated. And maybe when you stop by we can call you something more fun, like “Totally Excited Wannabe,” or “Jeff.” Let me know what you think!
Saint Lawrence Distillery

-CD the Cellar Dweller


Personal Wine Cellar’s mission is not to stock our shop with our favorites, but to fill it with yours! We offer more than 5,000 wine and liquor products to satisfy all tastes, all at competitive prices. Whether you are looking for that wine to pair with lunch or dinner or a nice gift for that special someone, let our knowledgeable staff help guide you to that ideal bottle of wine or liquor!”

Personal Wine Cellar serves Glenville, Scotia, Ballston Lake, Ballston SPA, Burnt Hills, Clifton Park, Charlton, East Glenville, and most areas of Schenectady west of I87.
Personal Wine Cellar…”not the biggest…just the BEST!”

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