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New York's Favorite Wine & Liquor Store

Absolutely! We’d be happy to help! Just call us at 518-399-9463 and someone will be happy to assist.

We do, yes! Please know, however, that we are often given less than 24 hours notice before the allocated arrives, so, if there is something particular you’re hunting for, just let us know so we can get you on the list and we will be happy to contact you the next time it arrives!

We very proudly carry 4 brands that are veteran owned: New Scotland Spirits from New Scotland, NY, Bootlegger & Beaverkill from Roscoe, NY, Old Line from Baltimore, MD and Horse Soldier from St. Petersburg, FL.

Yes we do! Deliveries are made Monday through Saturday from 9am to 7pm and Sunday from 10am to 4pm.  There is a $25 minimum order and the delivery charge is $5.99.

Yes we do. The minimum purchase amount is $30.00 and the delivery fee is $5.99.

We do, yes – but only for in-store or curbside pickup customers. If you happen to shop at the Price Chopper/Market32 next door, you will find our coupon for 10% off wine on the back of the receipt. We also offer a military/first responder discount with ID upon request*. Seniors (aged 65 and above) enjoy 10% off wine upon request*.

Military & Senior discounts are not automatically given and must be asked for with each transaction.

We ship to the following states via UPS: Alaska, California, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia & Wyoming. We are also able to ship to Puerto Rico.

Please be advised that there is a mandatory Adult Signature Required fee of $8.15 imposed (as of 1/25/24) on every shipment.

Purchases made on Friday or Saturday that require shipping will go out the following business day.

We do not, but you can find whatever you’re looking for between Price Chopper/Market32 in our plaza, or Hannaford Supermarket located just south of us (adjoining parking lot).

We did previously, but the New York State Liquor Authority modified their ruling on NA’s, we are no longer allowed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Depending on inventory, there are approximately 150+ on the shelves.

We love minis! Our minibar has well over 100 varieties to choose from! Minis, also known as handshakes, are a great way to try something new without spending a lot of money. Minis are popular around the holidays – whether they are found in a stocking, used with a dreidel, substituted for an adult Easter egg hunt, passed out to parents during Halloween, or, our personal favorite: Oven Mitt Unwrap (based off the Pass the Parcel game).

It depends on how busy we are, but we generally ask for 15-20 minutes if possible.

You must be 21 and when alcohol gets delivered or shipped you must show a valid ID showing you are 21.

We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround time, but it can take as long as 2 hours before we are able to reach you.

Absolutely! We would be happy to help make that happen for you. If you mention in the note section that it’s a gift, we have complementary cellophane bags we can use to dress the bottle up. You can also have us write a handwritten note to them, also complimentary!

The item you are looking for is something that we carry, or have carried, but are currently out of stock on. Enter your email and phone number in the space provided above the description and we will contact you the next time it arrives.